Seed: Designing the Future of Business Banking



Business banking is one size fits all, and it often doesn’t work for startups, creatives and entrepreneurs. sought to build tools for  "beautiful business banking" and to innovate in financial service design. The Seed founders had established a vision to serve the next generation of business banking customers.  We sought to understand user workflows in order to create usable and accessible tools, and to meet their customers where it mattered most- in the day to day operations of a small business.



In partnership with, a Y-Combinator backed startup , we worked to identify user needs to inform the design of a new product for "beautiful business banking". Connecting with small business owners, and learning about their work with, and struggles with existing tools, we collaborated with the team to interview users, develop user personas, user flows, and user experience design guidelines for overall product design strategy, facilitated team learning, and established user experience best practices.

The Approach:

Collaborating with Seed’s Engineering and Design teams, we facilitated a series of design thinking workshops to identify and address potential customer needs and scope the project. We then lead the team in ethnographic interviews with small business owners, putting data into action with user flows, service design maps and design values, allowing Seed to build a human-centered product from the ground up.

Project Elements: Design Workshop, Service Design, User Interviews, Journey Mapping, Personas, Design Principles